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About the founder

Born to young parents in Southern California, Slaton began her life in the Inland Empire, Chino Hills, as one of three children. Once in the 3rd grade her family relocated to South Los Angeles where she took note that the kids in school were a little bit different and way more materialistic than she was used to. It was common for children to judge each other and determine who would best fit in based on what they had on.

A child from a humble home, Slaton was at times affected by the pressures to wear name brands and took to hiding her unknown labels from her parents so that she wouldn’t be forced to wear them. She finally decided to take matters into her own hands at the age of 14, when she started to manifest her creative vision.

A high school in a new environment awakened a new curiosity in Slaton, as she was exposed to the Pacific Palisades which offered a variety of boutiques and retail shops, very different from the ones she was used to in South LA. Without a budget to purchase those items, she took her dreams to paper to create her own version of fashionable staples that she knew she would one day make into a reality.

She took her talents to the Academy of Art majoring in Fashion Design immediately following High School, but quickly realized that her talents would be stunted by the slow pace and concentration in apparel rather than all fashions. She shifted to a few online courses, and a stint at Santa Monica College before ultimately deciding her efforts were best put towards cultivating her natural talent.

Now, the creator of Little Prospects wants to inspire children to not give into the pressures of materialism but to set their own trends and celebrate their individuality. Boasting bright colors that all kids will love, Slaton designed Little Prospects to reflect some of her favorite childhood memories, cartoons.

In her spare time, Slaton continues to exercise her creative muscle through painting and designing t-shirts and hats. While working to get Little Prospects off of the ground, she still maintains her full-time position, providing transportation to Angelenos on LA’s metro system. If you happen to take an orange carriage to your next destination, you just might have the privilege of running into this outgoing and wide-eyed millennial who is constantly on the scout for inspiration.

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