Kids “Like” Us

Kids like us is a non-profit organization serving the needs of children in underserved communities across the world. Hoping to set an example and encourage children to follow their dreams, its founders aim to provide back packs filled with school supplies, toys and other necessities during the holidays to kids that may not normally be able to afford them. Additionally, the organization, born out of The Little Prospects kids shoe line, will also provide a pair of shoes from the their line to each child.


Growing up in areas surrounded by impoverished families in Los Angeles, the founders of Kids Like Us define their mission as the opportunity to show other “Kids Like Us”that they may not be able to change the world, but they can always make a difference in the world no matter what obstacles may come their way.


In 2018, Kids Like Us is looking to provide for 300 children in Los Angeles and will expand to countries including Belize, Philippines, Kenya, Honduras, and Guatemala, in the years to come. The organization accepts monetary donations as well as supplies to fill their backpacks, and regularly fundraises within the neighborhood.