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Every day after school when I was a kid, I use to run home to watch cartoons. 75% of Little Prospects shoe line is based on inspirations from my childhood cartoons. My childhood growing up was the best and I love reminiscing on the past and comparing old school cartoons and movies compared to new school. This shoe in particular is one of my favorites out all of the designs I’ve created. This design came from a cartoon of talking babies! If you look at the shoe closely you will be able to identify the character of the cartoon!


It took weeks for samples to be made because of how picky I was. The shoe had to be perfect, because if they weren’t I wouldn’t accept anything less! That’s when I knew I had something great. Seeing my products outcome for the first time in over 15 years when I first started drawing them on paper and seeing everyones reaction towards the shoe is one of the best feelings I’ve ever had! 


Can you do me a favor? Can you guess what character this is? Stay tuned for the next blog! And remember to sign up for the Little Prospects mailing list for promotions, sales and giveaway! 

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